On Our Own American Zhdanovshchina
Why Are They Worth Saving?
Addendum, September 1: I’ve added a link to the episode of my podcast, “What Is X?” with Matthew Spellberg talking about Dreams. See below for more. Au…
Depression, Melancholy, and the Historical Ontology of Wretchedness
Simulation, Gamification, and the Rise of Algorithmic Capitalism
See the bottom of today’s ‘stack for some news and updates, and also for some summary comments on my “reader survey” of two weeks ago. “Shall I not then…
The Perpetual Hygiene Regime and the STEMification of the Intellectuals
On Fermentation, Distillation, and Sobriety
And Why Does Silicon Valley Care?
Some Memories of the Life and Work of Bruno Latour (1947-2022)
A Mostly True and Probable Historical Sketch of the Russian Empire
Part One: How I Really Feel about Writing